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Guided Afterlife Connections

Anyone can have their own afterlife connection with a loved one living on the next plane of life. Without a medium. Read about this wonderful new procedure at this link.


Center for Spiritual Understanding

The Center for Spiritual Understanding is being established to provide a place where regular after-death communication occurs and people can come to alleviate grief and misunderstandings about death. It will have ongoing research into the afterlife and after-death communication.

Learn more . . .


Illinois Meetup Group: The Afterlife and Spiritual Understanding

Link to calendar

A group meets weekly in Central Illinois for presentations and discussions:






Suicide Hotlines

      If you or someone you know has thoughts of suicide, help in understanding what you're going through and doing something positive about it is available:


Self-guided Afterlife Connections

      The Center for Spiritual Understanding has been disseminating information about (1) mediums available for people to use to connect with loved ones in the afterlife and (2) psychotherapists who will perform a Guided Afterlife Connection to enable the participant to connect. We have now developed a procedure people can use to have their own afterlife connections without a medium or psychotherapist called the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure.

      In a study of 22 people who used the procedure, 86% had an afterlife connection. The research report in Acrobat contains excerpts from participants' journals describing their afterlife connections.

Download the report at this link.

The Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure is available in two versions:

  1. Self-guided Afterlife Connections Using Meditation Music and Guidance. Participants listen at home to narrations played over the Internet that guide them into the state of mind in which the connections can occur. The procedure is free. It is available at The connection rate in a study of the procedure was 86%.
  2. Self-guided Afterlife Connections Using Binaural Beats. It has the same protocol as the above Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure, but with binaural beats in the background of the audio. Binaural beats have been shown to help people relax and enter altered states of consciousness. The most famous of the binaural beats programs is the Hemi-Sync method developed by the Monroe Institute. For an explanation of binaural beats, go to this link: binaural beats procedure. Close the window when you have finished reading to return here.


Nonresponsive Persons Connections

      A Nonresponsive Person Connections procedure is also available. Using it, people can connect with the Higher Selves of people still on the Earth plane who cannot communicate because of a physical condition. Participants experience these connections while they listen at home to narrations played over the Internet that guide them into the state of mind in which the connections can occur. The procedure is free. It is available at Not enough people have gone through the procedure yet to evaluate the success rate, but at this early stage, those who have attempted to connect have all been able to do so.


The Greater Reality


      A greater reality underlies and enfolds the material world that we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Today, we know clearly, certainly the nature of the greater reality and afterlife. People just have to learn what we now know. Those who come to know will cease to fear death and will live together in peace and brotherhood. When the whole world knows what we know, the whole world will live together in peace and brotherhood.

      Our loved ones have never left. It's just as though they've stepped into the next room for a moment. There, in the afterlife, they're enjoying a life more wonderful and more real than this life, with youth, vitality, and no pain, sickness, or worry. There, they wait lovingly, knowing soon we'll step in to join them.

      This publisher is dedicated to helping people know that we live within a greater reality, that we are spiritual beings having the physical experience portion of our eternal lives, and that humanity can live in harmony and peace if every person knows the fact that there is no death. Knowing that truth will allow humankind to have great regard, acceptance, and love for all others in all nations with all beliefs.



Dr. Hogan Radio Interviews

Listen to Dr. Hogan's radio interviews.


Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy

      The Guided Afterlife Connections book is now available. This is from the back cover: "People are having their own connections with loved ones in the afterlife, without mediums. The life-changing connections greatly reduce grief and trauma."

     The book contains 26 accounts of people who have had their own afterlife connections through the procedure. The accounts are uplifting and inspiring. The loved ones on the next plane of life come to those experiencing the connections to change their lives.

      Order the book by clicking here.

Your Eternal Self

Your       The new book Your Eternal Self brings together everything we now know about the afterlife, consciousness, the nature of physical reality, and the psychic into a book to help readers know they are eternal beings having a physical experience.

     You can read sample chapters of the book or order a copy of the book by clicking here to go to the book Web site.

Order the book by clicking here.

Read the reviews of the book at this link.


Induced After-Death Communication

Induced       Induced After-Death Communication (IADC) has helped thousands of people come to terms with their grief by allowing them the experience of private communication with their departed loved ones. The book is written by Allan Botkin, Psy.D., the psychotherapist who discovered the method, and R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., a researcher, writer, and speaker about after-death communication and the afterlife. It contains accounts of people's after-death communications, cases that show the communications are with the person's deceased loved lines, and a description of the method.


The Fun of Dying!

Roberta Grimes has written a clear description of what happens after a person makes the transition out of the body in The Fun of Dying: Find Out What Really Happens Next!. Order the book . . .


Live from the Other Side

Maureen McGill and Nola Davis have written Live From the Other Side, a collection of descriptions of afterlife visitations people have experienced, with valuable insights into what the visitations teach us about our loved ones on the next plane of life. The accounts are uplifting and inspiring. . . .


Mediums Recommended for Bereaved Parents

The following mediums have been enthusiastically recommended by parents who have had the mediums connect them with their deceased children. We want to bring their information to you here. Some do phone readings. Phone readings are just as reliable and effective as in-person readings.

Necole Stephens

Necole Stephens is a talented medium from New England who does readings for bereaved parents. Those who have had readings with her to connect with their children living in the afterlife have posted the results on the Lisa's Garden Facebook site for bereaved parents. All have been very pleased with her accuracy, compassion, and comforting messages.


Mollie Morningstar


Mollie writes, "My job as a medium that communicates with those family and friends in Spirit, is to bring forth all of their love, personality and healing messages so that you, too, can bloom again knowing they are well. They want you to live the most abundant life possible right now, and I can help you do that."

She also has received glowing recommendations from parents on the Lisa's Garden Facebook pages for whom she has made afterlife connections with their children.


George Anderson


George Anderson is one of the most talented mediums alive. He writes, "The souls tell us that each of us is capable of bringing joy and peace to those around us, if we want to. And the more we want to, the more our journey on the earth becomes a success which we will be rewarded for in the hereafter."

George has received many enthusiastic recommendations from parents who have connected with their children in the afterlife through him.


John Holland


He writes, “If I can help people connect with someone on the Other-Side—by linking with the Spirit World—to bring peace, comfort, and perhaps some closure, or if I can help you to understand and tap into your own inner-guidance (psychic intuition) for answers, then I’ll be satisfied that I’ve done my job!”


Jamie Clark


Jamie Clark has also done medium readings for members of Lisa's Garden. His Web site has this descriiption of him, “Jamie has the ability to connect you with your loved ones by being able to interpret the feelings and images they impress upon him. Jamie can communicate the information and messages they want you to know, with remarkably detailed accuracy. Because the spirit world has no physical boundaries, neither does Jamie's ability to connect with them. The information can be astounding, enlightening and life changing.”

Other Mediums
For the names of other mediums I recommend, link to my list of mediums on


Remote Viewing

      This Web site contains a remote viewing test. Remote viewing is an ability common among people. Space does not exist in the Greater Reality. You can access the greater reality by limiting the influence of the physical realm simply by closing your eyes. Since it's greater than physical reality, when you stop attending to physical reality, the Greater Reality that was always there becomes apparent. You can receive impressions about something hundreds or thousands of miles away simply by closing your eyes and relaxing because underlying the apparently vast distances we perceive in the Universe, there is the Greater Reality in which there is no space. When we close our eyes, the Universe collapse into our consciousness.

      Bill Walker, a Senior Software Engineer (Distinguished Member of Technical Staff), at Avaya, Inc., had Craig, the author of this Web site, do some remote viewing to demonstrate that it can be done. You can see the remote viewing at this link to Bill's Web site ( is no space.


Greater Reality Publications

      You are encouraged to submit manuscripts to Greater Reality Publications if they focus on helping humankind learn about our place in the universe as eternal beings. The publications must be oriented toward helping people learn about the greater reality, afterlife, Higher Power, love, peacemaking, and humankind's place in the universe. We will look at books about growth, learning, and training, not theory, fiction, or supposition that isn't based in fact.

      The next publication likely will be The Greater Reality, a magazine about the greater reality that will be much like a Psychology Today in format, with articles for casual readers presenting what we're learning about the greater reality. We invite submission of documents based on evidence and insights that will help people understand the greater reality, the afterlife, and Higher Power and help them to grow spiritually with an understanding that our individuality continues after physical death.

      Books about how people can form and maintain intimate groups as described in the book Your Eternal Self are most welcome, including booklets and other materials the groups may use to catalyze discussion and discovery.

      If you have questions, manuscripts, or proposals, contact us at


Recommended Viewing

      Hereafter, directed by Clint Eastwood, is a modest step toward portraying accurately what we know about the afterlife. It at least provides an opening into understanding the truth about whom we are in the universe.
     The subtle message is the most accurate. Those on the next plane of life are offering guidance and inspiration to bring people to each other when they most need that meeting. And they can manipulate the Earth realm at times to guide and guard us.
      Hopefully, the next movie about the afterlife will go further in explaining the vast amounts we now know about the spiritual planes other than the Earth spiritual plane.

The Afterlife

      The afterlife is simply a fact not disputed by anyone who knows the literature. We're now focused on learning more about it--its certainty is already established.

      I recommend that parents grieving for their children separated by death link to these Web sites:

  1. Sandy Goodman's site at
  2. Carla Blowey's site at
  3. Terri Daniels' site at
  4. Anne and Herb Puryear's site at

      If you are in grief over the loss of a loved one, I encourage you to go to the Web site set up by Bill and Judy Guggenheim at It is based on the thousands of stories of reconnections people have had with their deceased loved ones in after-death communications. The Web site has a forum on which you can read about people's accounts, share your grief, and share questions about your after-death communications. Purchase a copy of their book, Hello from Heaven, from

      Victor Zammit, the attorney who has devoted his life to the study of the afterlife, has written a marvelous description of what happens when we die based on his study of a variety of sources, most notably the book by Robert Crookall, DSC. PhD, The Supreme Adventure (1961). He has placed the entire chapter from the book online for anyone to read. this is a quotation describing what Crookall found when he examined the beliefs about the afterlife across time and across cultures:

Crookall was amazed at the consistency of the evidence coming from all over the world. Communications from every country — from Brazil, from England, from South Africa, from Tibet from Europe, from India and from Australia are all consistent. He was also amazed that they were identical with the beliefs held by the natives of the Hawaiian Islands, cut off from other civilizations for years prior to their 'discovery' by Captain Cook in 1788. He was also amazed at the consistency of the evidence given by people who had Out of Body Experiences, Near-Death Experiences and the communications of high level mediums.


Hell and Suicide

      The hell myth has been an awful pox visited upon humanity by a church that converts and manages people through fear. It simply doesn't exist. People who commit suicide don't go to hell. They're surrounded by people showing them compassion and love. However, they must face the same problems they weren't willing to face while in a body, and in the afterlife, they will witness the pain they've caused those who love them. Suicide doesn't get them out of the problems they have.

      Instead of suicide, a person needs to break out of the conditions that are causing the despondence and find new paths in life. More about hell and suicide . . .

Focus of this Web site

      The evidence today for the Greater Reality is so overwhelming that we who know the literature and research are dumbfounded when a skeptic asserts that there is no proof for it. We stand incredulous, with our mouths agape.

      We live in an age much like the time of Galileo when he exhorted the scientists and clergy of the early seventeenth century to just look through his telescope to see the proof that Copernicus was right—the sun is at the center of a system and the planets revolve around it. The learned skeptics of his time refused to look through the telescope. The notion, they insisted, was preposterous.

      Today we smile at the ignorance of Galileo's detractors: "How could they have been so naive?" we ask. Any schoolchild knows now that the sun is at the center of a solar system with Earth as just one of nine planets orbiting it. However, we are living in much the same kind of transition period as those who lived in the seventeenth century. The players are the same: the closed-minded skeptics, the open-minded skeptics, and the convinced. The cast simply wear different costumes and consider a different aspect of reality.

      If Galileo and his closed-minded skeptics were on the playbill today, they would be on Larry King. The skeptics would sit in modern dress opposite Galileo engaging in that most outworn, uninspired of media events mediocre journalists employ, the skeptic-believer confrontation. Most of the audience would clap when the skeptic smugly pronounced the invocation words: "proof," "scientific," and "replicable." "If the sun were the center of the universe," the skeptic would sneer, "the planets would all fly out into infinity. It's preposterous."

      And Galileo would sit with his mouth open, hardly knowing what to say in the face of such a closed mind, knowing that regularly, at will, he watches the phases of Venus and Jupiter's moons through his telescope, proving the planets revolve around the sun.

      Then a decade later, I could imagine the talk around the scientist water cooler about some eminent scientists who were saying Copernicus and Galileo may be right. The die-hard skeptical scientists would walk away shaking their heads, muttering about the deterioration of serious scientific thought.

      We have difficulty imagining what it would have been like to have been so sure the Earth was the center of the universe. And yet, we would have been among those thinking and believing that. It was simply well-established fact, just as we know atoms make up matter even though no one has ever seen one or will ever see one. That is the certainty that skeptics display today when they assert the Greater Reality does not exist; the universe, they proclaim, is dead matter and energy flung chaotically into space generating the oddity of evolution that is conscious beings.

      In other words, we are living through a parallel evolution of thought with different actors but the same script. If Galileo's skeptics wore suits and lab coats and spoke modern English, they could stand in for today's cast.

      The Greater Reality Web site is now dedicated to bringing together a concise, readable summary of the most incontrovertible evidence demonstrating truths about the Greater Reality. It will contain both research and anecdotes from the most reliable, unimpeachable sources about experiences with the Greater Reality.

      These writings likely won't convince the closed-minded skeptics; they still won't peer into the research and anecdotes to see the evidence with open minds. However, the evidence will help people who sense that there is much more to life than rocks and energy feel more certain about their beliefs. And it will help those open-minded skeptics who are not aware of the evidence to realize that we have more proof of the Greater Reality than we do of atoms.

      The open minded may at least ponder and wonder. And that is the first step toward a change in the prevalent belief paradigm of a culture.

The problem with those who call themselves skeptics is not that they are skeptical. We must all be skeptical. The problem is that they are skeptical in only one direction.



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