Nature of The
Greater Reality

The purpose of this discussion is to set the stage for the dramas that this book contains. Here, I explain the nature of the physical and non-physical realms. Hopefully, you will understand what they are, and be convinced that the Greater Reality is the awakened reality and this physical world is the dream.

If you have experienced the Greater Reality one time, in any form, then you cannot deny it. You won't experience it every moment, and may not experience it every day or even every week. But if you experience it one time, if you know through experience that the Greater Reality overlays the illusion that is physical reality, then you must reconsider everything you know and everything you are. Your daily life is like being in an automobile going to the grocery store, but when you experience the Greater Reality, you realize at that moment that the automobile is inside a rocket traveling faster than the speed of light to the ends of the universe.

While you don't experience the Greater Reality every moment or every day, knowing that you are in something greater than you ever imagined should affect what you do every day and what you think about yourself, life, and God.


The Physical Realm is Your Basis for Living

What you see around you is the physical realm. It consists of things, people, sentiments, knowledge, and movement. You were reared in the physical realm. It is very familiar and comfortable to you. It contains your matter or substance, energy, experiences, knowledge, expectations, understandings, emotions, interactions, activities, and everything else that you associate with your being. Because you were molded into the physical world through the years of your development, all of your perceptions are limited to what you now know and believe about life as you learned about it and experienced it in the physical realm. You believe what you were taught, even though you may not have experienced it.

For example, you believe that you have a spleen, but you have never seen it. You believe that George Washington existed, but you never met him. You believe that the sun is 93 million miles away, but you never paced off that distance. The physical world has taught us everything, and we accept it without question.

You have learned to manipulate the physical world to get what you want, and it reacts predictably. You reach out your hand, pick up a jelly doughnut, place it to your lips, and bite into it. You can be assured that when you reach our your hand to touch the jelly doughnut, it won't have scales and slither like a snake, your arm will work right so the doughnut will hit your mouth and not your left ear, and when you bite on it, you will taste dough, sugar, and jelly, not roast beef and gravy.

That isn't trivial. Knowing that the universe is predictable is basic to your existence. We take that for granted, but at the quantum, atomic level, things are not so predictable.


Reality at the Quantum, Atomic Level

At the atomic, quantum level things are quite different. For an excellent, clear explanation of this level, read Zukav and Finkelstein's The Dancing Wu Li Masters. It isn't about oriental dancers. It is about reality at the atomic level.

The physical realm is made up of matter and energy. Matter and energy are interchangeable, but cannot be destroyed or eliminated. All matter is, at its basis, energy. At the atomic level, everything is protons, neutrons, and electrons. You, me chocolate cake, the moon, are all protons, neutrons, and electrons. There is nothing else! The atoms in a cherry are not cherry atoms. Those in a drop of water are not water atoms. The atoms are all the same.

Then why are things different? Everything we see should be the same as well. And what keeps everything from falling into a soup of atoms? Since everything is made up of atoms, you would think that the atoms would fall into an ocean of atoms with everything dissolving into a liquid. But it doesn't.

Some mysterious force makes rocks, trees, snails, and people out of these atoms. The building blocks are all the same, but what we experience is very different. Something holds it all together, some force holds power over all of those distinct atoms.

However, the force doesn't mold the things into ceramics so they hold together in the right shape for their lifetimes. The atoms are constantly shifting, and even winking in and out of existence. But after all of that, the reality we see on the physical level is stable enough that we know that jelly doughnut is going to taste like jelly when we eat it today, tomorrow, and in twenty years.

At a molecular level, all of the cells in our bodies are exchanged for new cells every six months. Some parts exchange more rapidly. But at the end of six months, we are new persons. The question is, why are we still the conscious beings we are? Why are we the same people after the exchange that we were before?

Something greater than the physical body is apparent in the universe. Something maintains the integrity of your mind, emotions, and soul even when the atoms and molecules are continually shifting and changing. Something gives everything, including us, form, and allows us to know God, create symphonies, feel guilt, and love.


Conscious Intention at the Subatomic Level

Even more startling, when scientists get down to the subatomic level, looking inside atoms, they discover that atoms act in very weird ways. When protons are split off of atoms, they seem to go where the scientist wants them to go, as though the scientist had some effect on the subatomic working of the atoms. It is called the observer effect.

Among physicists, this fact is creating quite a stir. It appears that consciousness, the individual's attention and intention, affect energy at the subatomic level.

In other words, personal consciousness affects the solid universe of energy and matter. It appears that, since consciousness has some control over matter and energy, consciousness may be the great, overlying force in the universe that holds it all together, not physical laws.

At the molecular level, we know that body cells separated from a person react to changes in the person even when they are separated by hundreds of miles. Studies have shown that when cells from the surface of a person's mouth are scraped off and taken hundreds of miles away, the cells will react when the person, still at the original place, tastes something sour. There is a link between the cells even when they are separated from the body.


Our Sense about Consciousness

There are other reasons for looking to consciousness as being the greater force that holds the physical universe together.

The first of these reasons is that we sense that we are something more than soft rocks. We know that we have consciousness, and it is different from the granite used to make buildings. That sense of ourselves, that knowing, is very significant. It separates us from trees and rocks. Trees and rocks are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons, as we are, but they are not aware of themselves; they have no free will or intention; they have no sense of right and wrong; they do not love. Something in us is much greater than the sum total of the atoms that is in rocks and trees.

The second reason is that we have a sense about a being greater than we are. We also have the feeling we are part of that greater being and will continue after the body has ceased to exist. That sense is so powerful that it is shared across peoples and stimulates massive efforts: the pyramids of Egypt and the Lower Americas, burial mounds, the Taj Mahal, mausoleums, and sepulchers.


The Influence of Consciousness
Over the Physical Universe

Another demonstration that consciousness is the force overlying the universe is that our consciousness can affect the physical world. It has been proven that random-number generators can be influenced by an observer focusing on them. Random-number generators are programmed to create millions of 1's and 0's as quickly as they can, that have no relationship to each other. They are random. The numbers might be 1, 0, 1, 1, 0,1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0 and on and on in a sequence, but at the rate of thousands per second. Since they are random, we would expect the numbers generated to average 50 percent 0's and 50 percent 1's when hundreds of millions are generated.

Studies have shown that people focusing on the random-number generator computer can influence it so the numbers are no longer random; there are more 1's when the person thinks 1's and more 0's when the person thinks 0's. The chances of differences occurring in the numbers when a person focuses on the random-number generators were calculated at a trillion to one. In other words, their consciousness influences the inanimate, unconscious machine.

For a detailed discussion of the influence of consciousness on inanimate objects, read Dean Radin's The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. Radin's book also reviews the data concerning the effect of consciousness on healing and such phenomena as precognition and clairvoyance.

The influence of the conscious mind on random-number generators is so established now that scientists are focusing on how it happens, not whether it happens.

These are the implications for us. Consciousness overlays matter. It affects the composition of matter. Realizing that to be true, we know that consciousness has power over the universe and is separate from our little brains inside our skulls. Consciousness, in other words, is the force that is the basis for matter and energy as well as thoughts, beliefs, personality, and the soul.


Consciousness and Healing

The power of the consciousness to heal is also very well established. In countless studies, people prayed for healed faster than those not prayed for, even when the prayers were performed at great distances and the people being prayed for didn't realize someone was praying for them. I use the word, "prayer," but it is more accurate to describe it as asking the conscious Universe, God, for assistance in changing the conditions of the physical universe, even something as difficult to change as a person's health and disease state.

To bring the effect into the laboratory, studies were done using human blood cells. When placed in water, human blood cells will experience hemolysis, or bursting. "Healers" were placed in other rooms and instructed to focus on certain test tubes to help the blood cells resist hemolysis while other test tubes had no prayer help. The results were that the test tubes that were prayed for maintained wholeness and resisted hemolysis at a significantly greater rate than did the test tubes of cells that were not prayed for.

This and many other experiments showing that consciousness affects healing are discussed in Targ and Katra's Miracles of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing. The book explains healing, the implications of healing, how one becomes a healer, spiritual and energy healing, therapeutic touch, and a variety of other issues involved in spiritual healing.


Decidedly, prayer heals people. Not only are there widely known stories of healings recounted by doctors, but rigorous studies of patients prayed for compared to those who were not have shown that people, consciousness, has an effect on disease. For a comprehensive review of the research and clear, readable explanations of the effects, read Larry Dossey, MD's Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine.


Consciousness and the Greater Reality

These findings from quantum mechanics at the atomic level, our sense that we are more than soft rocks, the clear acknowledgment from people from all cultures that there is something greater than we are, and the fact that consciousness affects the physical world and healing all lead us to the unmistakable realization that there is a reality overlaying physical reality, greater than physical reality, that exerts force on physical reality, and it is conscious, alive, and intelligent.

In other words, the Greater Reality is the conscious universe.

That is difficult for us to fully grasp because when we look around we see houses and mountains and trees and all sorts of inanimate objects. We can't see the conscious universe. And we have been told by our culture that people are separate from nature and things and people are just water and chemicals. But that is the illusion. We are believing something we have been told, not what we have experienced. If we can put a hold on what we have been taught and just look around, we will learn from common sense and our experience in living that there is an intelligence in the universe that is greater than anything in the physical universe.


Other Characteristics of the Greater Reality

But that is only part of what we know about the Greater Reality. We know that in the Greater Reality, there is no time, there is no space, there is no separation, and there is no death. But we do know that the Greater Reality is personal and responsive, that there is God, and that we are One with God.

When we experience timelessness, spacelessness, oneness, eternal life, and God, then we can understand that the Greater Reality is the real world; what we see around us is the dream.

There Is No Time

Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity effectively eliminated the notion that time is stable and uniform. Time is relative to the observer.

However, more importantly, it is possible for consciousness, in people, to see forward in time. The ability is called precognition, and it, like the power of consciousness over matter, has been demonstrated repeatedly.

The most famous anecdotes about precognition have to do with Lincoln's assassination. Before his assassination, Lincoln told his biographer, Ward. H. Lamon, of a dream he had in which he was in the White House and heard people weeping as if their hearts would break. He could not see the mourners, so he followed the sound through the White House until he arrived at the East Room. "There, " according to Lamon's description of Lincoln's account, "was a sickening surprise. Before me was a catafalque on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. Around it were stationed soldiers who were acting as guards." Lincoln asked the soldiers, "Who is dead in the White House?" They replied, "The president, he was killed by an assassin."

On the night of Lincoln's assassination, General Ulysses S. Grant and his wife, Julia, were to accompany the President to Ford's Theater in Washington. However, that morning, Julia felt a great sense of urgency that the Grants should leave Washington. Grant couldn't leave because he had appointments, but her sense of urgency grew through the day and she continued to beg him to leave. She repeatedly sent word to Grant throughout the day begging him that they should leave the city immediately. She was so strong in her insistence that he finally agreed to leave, even though it would have been a great honor to be with the President that evening.

The Grants left the city, and only learned later that the President had been shot that night. Grant was to have sat in the box with the President and was on John Wilkes Booth's list of intended victims.

In the laboratory, comparisons (meta-analysis) of 309 studies of precognition in the laboratory have demonstrated that the subjects showed their ability to see into the future against odds of ten million billion billion to one that they could have done it by chance (Radin, The Conscious Universe, 114). In other words, precognition is well established. The future can be known in the present.

In the Greater Reality, there is no time.


There Is No Space

Remote viewing means seeing something with the mind's eye that can be thousands of miles away, just be closing one's eyes. I am able to do remote viewing myself, and hundreds of people who have taken the remote viewing test on this website have done it.

The United States government studied remote viewing at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the 70's because it had been demonstrated to be a real phenomenon. Their hope, of course, was that it could be used to spy on the Russians. In experiment after experiment, the remote viewers were able to sit in meditation with their eyes closed and see scenes where observers were stationed, dozens or hundreds of miles away, or scenes from geographic coordinates.

We now are able to see photographs inside envelopes thousands of miles from where we are, or see objects in boxes. I am able to describe objects on desks or tables in locations I have never visited just by knowing the name of the person who owns the table or desk.

Dean Radin's The Conscious Universe contains reviews of the research concerning remote viewing. With his cooperation, I have successfully remote viewed objects on Dean Radin's desk.

For a discussion of how to do remote viewing, look at any of Joe McMoneagle's books, but especially Mind Trek.

In 1988, Edwin May and other researchers analyzed 154 experiments studying remote viewing that included 26,000 separate trials. Their conclusion was that the odds against the viewers coming up with their descriptions by chance were a billion billion to one.

For those of us who do remote viewing, the results are just curiosities. We close our eyes, focus on a target, and images start to appear. It is as natural as putting on our pants.

What remote viewing demonstrates for us is that in the Greater Reality there is no space. The knowledge we receive from targets doesn't diminish over distance as radio waves and other electromagnetic waves do. It is instantaneous, regardless of the distance, without us having to know the exact location of the target. And the knowledge comes in remarkable combinations that show consciousness behind them. We are all One with everything else in the universe, regardless of where it is. Since there is no space, we can see it instantaneously just be focusing on it.

Some suggest that remote viewing is astral traveling. It isn't. I can see photographs inside envelopes or objects inside boxes thousands of miles away. Even if I could travel there, the photograph would still be inside an envelope or the object inside a box so I couldn't see it. During a session, I can look at a target, open my eyes and sketch it, close my eyes again, look, open my eyes and sketch, over and over again. To suggest that my spirit is zipping thousands of miles away every time I close my eyes sounds remarkably odd and just doesn't ring true with me. Everything everywhere in the universe is One with me. I just have to close my eyes and focus on it to know about it.

In the Greater Reality, there is no space.


There Is No Separation

It seems that we are separate from those around us. When we withdraw into our thoughts, we would expect that other people wouldn't be able to tell what is going on with us. When they meet us, we would expect that they wouldn't know anything about us our past, our relationships, or our present emotional and physical condition. However, in the Greater Reality, that is not true. We are not separate. We are all One.

Telepathy, or mind reading, is a common phenomenon that has been demonstrated repeatedly in the laboratory. Our thoughts are accessible to other people because the universe is conscious. We are part of that consciousness. Psychometry, knowing about a stranger by holding an object belonging to the person, is common. We can know about people's lives, relationships, and sentiments just by focusing on them.

Psychics have been given a bad name because of the Psychic Friends and others who may or may not be psychic. But the ability of psychics to know about our lives and to know what we are thinking is commonly known. Dean Radian's book also reviews the laboratory studies concerning clairvoyance and telepathy with results in the magnitude of the other studies of psychic phenomena.

For interesting, readable accounts of the lives and experiences of psychics, read Sylvia Browne's Adventures of a Psychic and Judith Orloff, MD's Second Sight.

Unless the reader believes the hundreds of reputable psychics to be liars or demented, one has to be impressed by the abilities of these established, acknowledged psychics.

Police use psychics regularly to help solve crimes because of their consistent success. The psychic knows about the crime, victim, and perpetrator just by focusing on them. The knowledge comes from the universe freely because we are all One.

I know that we are connected because of my own experiences. In one very early incident, I had just learned I have some psychic ability and was trying clairvoyance by having a friend go into another room while I closed my eyes, focused on her, and waited to see if I could "know" what she was looking at. After she was in another room for a short period of time, I called her back and described seeing white and pink lace, in strips, together. She said, no she had been looking at a book of black and white photographs of people. We went into the other room and I pointed out an album lined on the outside with pink and white lace in border strips. "That's what I saw," I said. She said, "Oh, the book of photographs I was looking at was under that album." I had seen the album as she picked it up to get the book under it.

But what was clearly an instance of telepathy was what happened next. I asked her to go back to the room and do the same thing again. In a short time, I began to see vivid pictures of outdoor scenes, with lakes, trees, brooks, and sunsets. I called her back in and taking a cue from the previous try, I said, "You must have been looking at a book of photographs of outdoor scenes this time." She said, "No, I was just looking at this map," and she unfolded a black-and-white map. I thought I was just off target. Then she said, "I was just looking at this map of the Boundary Waters in Canada where I used to canoe thinking how much I would like to take you there canoeing to show you how beautiful nature is on the Boundary Waters. I was thinking about the places on the map." I hadn't seen the map she was looking at. I was seeing the scenes she was playing in her mind.

In the Greater Reality, there is no separation.


There is No Death

We know also that in the Greater Reality, there is no death. The end of the body is not the end of life. The body is simply part of the physical illusion that is lesser than, included in, and controlled by the Greater Reality. The personality, consciousness, the soul, the spirit, is One with the physical body and enjoys its experiences during the body's tenure in existence. However, when the body ends, the spirit continues.

We know that because psychics and mediums have been receiving messages from those who have crossed over since the beginning of recorded history. The question is whether the knowledge is from clairvoyance, meaning the psychic is simply knowing things about the person who has crossed over and his or her family, or whether the messages are from the spirits who have crossed over.

The testimonies of people who speak to those who have crossed over, and the content of the readings, confirm that they are, in fact, speaking with the living, continuing spirits of people who are no longer in physical bodies.

For two fascinating books by talented psychics, read Sylvia Browne's The Other Side and Back and John Edward's One Last Time.

Sylvia Browne has a long history, from childhood, of seeing and communicating with people who have passed over. They communicate about current events and provide insights about life that were not current when they were alive, meaning their spirits are contemporaneous with her and are connected to us who are still in bodies.

John Edward is probably the most talented psychic of our time. I have watched him intently to see what he is learning from those who have crossed over and whether the knowledge seems to be clairvoyance rather than speaking to spirits. I have become convinced that he is receiving messages from people who have crossed over. They often convey information the person present for the reading doesn't know, but is confirmed by other family members. At times, he confirms information no one knows, such as the cause of death when there might be more than one cause.

The activities of these talented psychic mediums confirm what our intuition tells us is true: life continues after the body dies.

In the Greater Reality, there is no death.


The Greater Reality is Personal and Responsive

When we ask the Greater Reality, God, for help, it is given to us. In remote viewing, when I ask to see something in the target, I am shown it. When I ask questions about people or locations in the target, I am given the answers. When we ask for someone to be healed, the person gets better faster. Countless accounts of miracles demonstrate that when it is in our best interests in ways our Higher Selves know, the conscious universe can perform physical miracles that startle us. When we need someone in our lives, we know that the person appears. When we think about someone we haven't seen for a long time, the person calls.

All of these actions of the conscious universe acting in our lives, at times changing the physical world to do things we need, are very familiar to us. They result because the universe is conscious, warm, intelligent, and loving. It is the mind of God.

Those of us who have become accustomed to having God act in our lives watch things happen regularly--not just ordinary things that could be chance. Extraordinary things that could only happen if an intelligent, loving, conscious universe were acting to shape circumstances for us.

In my own life, I felt a need to talk with my 78-years-young mother about death and set the stage for doing so. She didn't know that I have psychic ability. I asked her to place any object on her piano and clear everything else off of the piano. She did so and I viewed it from my home 550 miles away using remote viewing. I e-mailed her a description of something with cloth over it, in a hump, and I could see her smoothing down the cloth, and I saw something with blonde strands on it, a ridge in front, and green and blue plaid. She was amazed. She didn't want to clear everything off the piano, so she put a cloth over the clock that was on it, so the cloth was shaped like a hump and she smoothed it down after putting the cloth over it. Beside it, she had a ceramic beehive fountain that was blonde colored with lines like strands going vertically. It had a ridge in the front for the little water fountain and green and blue bees in a pattern on it.

I then used that opportunity to write this to her: "You know, Mom, one thing I've learned since I knew I have psychic ability is that there is no death. We continue after we leave our bodies and our love continues too." Several weeks later, she passed away suddenly in the middle of the night.

My sense that I wanted to talk with her about death for the first time in our lives may have been for my benefit more than hers, but in any event, I was led to at the right time. That could only have come from a warm, caring, loving universe.

The Greater Reality is personal, warm, loving, and responsive.


In the Greater Reality, There is Oneness

The fact that there is no time, no space, no separation, and no death leads us to the unmistakable conclusion that all is One, including everything that ever happened or will happen, everything from the farthest reaches of the universe to the smallest subatomic particle, and every human being who lives, ever lived, or ever will live. It is all imminent, and One with us. We can, through remote viewing and other psychic ability, know instantly about anything that ever was or ever will be because all is as much a part of us as our skin. Physical time, space, separation, and death are illusions.

The concept of Oneness is very difficult for us to understand. At some point, it requires us to admit "I can't fully understand." However, that doesn't make it less real. We know that it is real because all knowledge is accessible to us at any moment; it is One with us. And since everything is One with us, everything is One with everything else.

In the Greater Reality, all is One.


In the Greater Reality, There is God

All of this evidence about the Greater Reality points to the unmistakable conclusion that at the center of everything there is God. The name given to God may be the One, the Divine, the Creator, I Am, Yahweh, Allah, and on and on. Attempting to put a name and face on God is fruitless. We do not understand God and never will, although we feel the warmth of his embrace truly, strongly, genuinely.

The universe is personal, warm, and loving. We can't prove that in a laboratory, and shouldn't be able to. Since it is personal, we would expect knowledge about the personal God to come from people's accounts of God in their lives. From books by people whose lives have been changed by miraculous touches from God to television shows such as It's a Miracle, countless stories by people about how God has personally touched their lives provide overwhelming evidence of God's personal presence.

In my own life, God has worked with me in 20-year cycles preparing for today. In 1957, I was determined to be a Lutheran minister. In 1977, I became a born-again Christian. In 1997, I began my present journey into understanding God and the Greater Reality. In each instance, I was drawn by God to my status.

The most apparent work by God affecting my life began in 1997 when I began to meet one psychic after another when I had never met one in my life before. I met a numerologist who did my numerology chart and said in the next year all of my patterns changed. Nothing was repeated. It was as if I would be born again. In the following year, "metaphysical doors would open" so I would begin to understand the mysteries more fully.

A short time later, I met with a well-known psychic, Greta Alexander, who told me that in the next two years, I would die and be born again. I wouldn't recognize myself after those two years. I would be a "water carrier," explaining spiritual truths to people. "Put pen to paper," she kept saying. My written words would be "before the masses." All of that was before I considered writing about the Greater Reality; before I even knew what that is!

As the first of the two years progressed, the premonitions about my life began to unfold with startling accuracy. Everything in my life changed. I began to learn about my psychic abilities and God. During the first year, I died to my old self and was born again. Nothing was left at the end of the two years. I could hardly recognize myself. During the second year, I began to understand the Greater Reality and our place in the universe. It occurred just as they had predicted.

At every turn, when I asked for knowledge and guidance, I received it. I began to have the unmistakable feeling that God is listening to me continually and providing what I need when I need it. The effects were so profound that I now have the conviction that God guides me in every endeavor and is One with me. I don't hope that God will answer prayer; I know it.

In the Greater Reality, there is God.


Relationship of the Physical
Universe to the Greater Reality

As you read this discussion, you may need to remind yourself of the reality of the non-physical universe. Quiet your mind and go back to the experiences you have had with the non-physical universe. Reinterpret the physical universe with your new understanding. When your mind sees the the physical realm rather than the non-physical realm, stop, reconsider what you know about the conscious universe, and come back to your meditation and thinking.

The physical realm and non-physical realm are one.

The non-physical realm is not "inside" the physical.

Imagine the physical and non-physical realms in this way. If I hold up a glass of bright yellow liquid and ask you what color it is, you will reply, "Yellow." But it is not yellow. It is actually red and green. If you pour red and green liquids together, they will make yellow. We could say that the physical world is yellow and the non-physical world is green and red. Our eyes see only yellow, the physical world. Are green and red inside the yellow? Is red inside the yellow? Can you separate the yellow from the red? Is there a place where red ends and yellow begins? The answer to all of these questions is "No." Red, green, and yellow are one! We can talk about red, green, and yellow (the physical and non-physical realms) when discussing the liquid (life), but we must never lose sight of the fact that they are one and inseparable. The yellow liquid is 100% red, 100% green, and 100% yellow, just as we are always 100% physical and 100% non-physical

When you walk to the grocery store, you are walking as a 100% physical and 100% non-physical being. When you go to church, make love, cheat on your taxes . . . you are doing it as a physical and non-physical being. You are never all physical with no non-physical, or all non-physical with no physical. You are never even mostly physical or mostly non-physical You are not physical when you eat a banana split and non-physical when you sing in the church choir--you are always 100% physical and 100% non-physical

You are continually in dialog with the physical world. You hear an automobile engine. You see someone walking across the street. You smell the lilacs in the yard as you pass. But you are also in dialog with the non-physical world, even when you do not believe it exists. You sense that something is wrong. Your conscience tells you not to cheat on your taxes. You feel compassion for someone who is in pain. You feel God's presence even though you're not in church. Someone hearing you describe those feelings would be very critical of them in the physical world. Of course. They are not in the physical world. When you understand that the non-physical world is as much a part of you as the physical, then the dialog with the non-physical world becomes as real to you as the dialog you carry on with the physical world.


The Higher Self and God

Those of us who think about and talk about the Greater Reality have the sense that each of us as a Higher Self. Understand that the existence of a "Higher Self" is just our sense about it. And also understand that the Higher Self and God are One, so thinking of the Higher Self is just a way for us humans, with our limited ability to envision God, to understand how God relates to us in the physical realm. The "Higher Self" isn't a limit on God and isn't something that should be painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It is clearly our human way of trying to understanding God.

We could imagine that the red in our yellow liquid is the Higher Self (our selves in the spiritual realm) and green is the Higher Power or God or the Divine or the One. We see the physical world, the yellow, but it is also our Higher Selves, green, and God, red. Where does our Higher Self, the green, end and God, the red, begin? Which part of the yellow, our physical selves, contains no Higher Self and no God?

Could we be in a situation where the yellow, physical self, was absent of either the red, God, or the green, the Higher Self? Is it possible to "invite" God into the physical self at some later stage in life because God, the red, wasn't always there? How could it ever be yellow without the red? Is it appropriate to talk about the red, God, being IN the yellow, our physical self, when it is integral, inseparable, One with it?

Of course, like the yellow liquid that has yellow in 100% of it, green in 100% of it, and red in 100% of it, we are always 100% physical, 100% our Higher Selves, and 100% God. They are inseparable.


At the End of All "I Know" is "I Don't Know"

That sounds too obvious to say, but it is a truth that people, especially theologians and scientists, don't acknowledge. They believe that there is no "I don't know" at the end of all "I know." They believe that they have an "I know" for everything.

And so, they postulate explanations for everything based on what they do know, certain that their extended explanations are Truth. They believe they have all of the pieces to the puzzle, so they make them fit into every picture as the explanation of everything in the universe.

However, that is naive, adolescent arrogance. Mark Twain wrote "When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years" (attributed by Reader's Digest, Sept. 1937). We are like the fourteen-year-old boy who believes he knows so much that everyone else is ignorant, including his father. However, our knowledge is a structure of cards. It is repeatedly blown down by the winds of reality. We simply don't know some things.

When my kitten walks across the book I'm reading about quantum mechanics, the kitten has no understanding of what a book is, or what the symbols are on the book, or certainly what quantum mechanics is. But the kitten has the knowledge to function very effectively in the universe.

For the kitten to assert that since it feels the texture of the pages of a book, can walk across them, and can manipulate them to make them move, therefore it knows everything there is to know about the book is arrogant naiveté. And yet, theologians and scientist do that regularly.

We don't like to hear that. We want to believe that we understand the universe thoroughly. We want to believe what Hamlet said in the play by the same name: "What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals!" We want to believe we are, in our knowledge, like a god, and so we have an explanation for everything.

Man is rather like a cartographer (map maker) who has only seen the valley in which he lives, but maps the entire countryside outside of his valley based on his knowledge of the little valley. But when he climbs to the top of the mountain outside the valley, he realizes the entire countryside is different from what he thought, so he remaps the entire countryside based on what he sees from the mountain and also maps the entire county he hasn't seen, sure his limited knowledge applies to the larger territory. But when he walks the entire county, he realizes that it is really different from what he thought, so he remaps the county and then, ambitiously, creates a map of the entire state based on his knowledge of the county. But when he walks the state, he realizes the entire state is different, so he remaps the state and then goes on to map the surrounding states, sure that what he knows about the state applies to the surrounding states. But of course he finds out he's wrong--and on and on. What he doesn't realize is that the universe is infinitely large and he will never be able to plumb the ends of it.

At the end of every "I know" the map maker has an "I don't know." Rather than try to map what he doesn't know, he should be willing to say, "I don't know. I have reached my 'I don't know' point." He could conjecture and draw maps for his own curiosity, but others looking at his explanations may be led astray, believing that he knows the territory outside of his experience when he doesn't. The error is especially egregious when the map maker arrogantly asserts that he does know about the territories outside of his experience. Travelers reading his maps will assume he is correct and may be very frustrated to find that the maps were best guesses when they are 400 miles from nowhere.

We know as much of the Greater Reality and the universe as that kitten knows of quantum mechanics. We live effectively, and have some Truths. However, the final, ultimate, complete Truth is as far removed from our consciousness as an understanding of quantum mechanics is from that kitten's psyche.

What is timelessness? What is spacelessness? If there is no time, what was before the beginning of the universe? How is it possible for evil to exist when God is a loving God? How can we be One with God and still be ignorant or cruel? How is it possible to know the future when it hasn't happened yet? Do people who have crossed over think about things? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Rather than be willing to say "I don't know," people postulate explanations. "Evil exists because a bad angel fought God and was banished to the earth." "We can know the future because everything happened all at once and now we're just playing out what has already happened." And on and on. No, these are answers the kitten would have when trying to understand why I keep moving the pages on the book I am holding. The kitten will simply never understand quantum mechanics. When it reaches the end of its understanding, it should say "I don't know."

It is a problem when we take the true touch from God we experience, and the true understanding of some things about God that are given to us, and we convert them into volumes of theological explanations of what God must be, believing we have full knowledge of God or that God must conform to our limited, naive, physical conceptions of what God ought to be! And the more serious danger in that is when we then require that other people believe what we have written--that they follow the maps we have drawn of territory at the ends of the universe beyond our sight when we have only lived our existence in a narrow valley of life on Earth.

What we can say is what we do know. I don't know why there is evil, suffering, and cruelty in the world. That is beyond my "I know." But I do know that God is love and doesn't want me to suffer. That is part of my "I know."

People who insist on an "I know" for everything will create explanations, or reject God entirely saying, "Well since evil exists, there must not be a God. If it weren't for evil, I'd believe God exists." That's naive. It is rather like saying Edgar Allen Poe was a drunk, so everything he wrote is trash, or the President supports abortions, so all the good he has done is negated.

We reach the point of "I don't know" and can say "I don't know why God chose to create the universe through evolution, but I know evolution exists, and I know God exists, so there must be some reasonable explanation. I just don't know."

There is so much to the universe and God that it is reasonable to say that at the end of every "I know" is an "I don't know." There is always something more to know. We just have to be sensitive to the limits of our knowledge and be willing to say those three simple words, "I don't know."

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