Evaluate your viewing now. If you've already read this description from another target, skip it. It is the same for all targets. If this is your first target, continue below.

Even experienced remote viewers are about 33% to 80% accurate. Don't expect more of yourself. If you wrote or sketched 10 things and 4 indicated things about the target, you are at 40% accuracy for this target. That is very good. Even 20% or 30% is an indication that you may have remote viewing ability.

Sometimes, you won't get anything! We don't know why we're on at times and way off at others.

You'll also see things in metaphors. What seems like a tall spire could be the neck of a giraffe. You could feel cold and the scene could have snow in it. You may also get things about the photographer, or the scene as it was 20 years prior to the shot, or something about the scene out of camera view. The Personal Universe will give you something; you just may not know what it is.


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